Sunday, 4 November 2012

the glamorous life of a writer...

I'm not one of those writers who can plot a book while she cleans the house. I'm more the kind who prays - please God make it stop - as I vacuum. Nevertheless, there's a lot of cleaning to do this week. We're off to Europe on Thursday to visit family - and there's a stranger house sitting for me. I'm very grateful for my house sitter, but it's added extra pressure. Now all I can think is: I must clean the oven! I've become obsessed with my oven. I'm convinced that she'll think terrible things about me the first time she tries to bake a pizza…

At the same time as cleaning, and packing, I'm also trying to give my latest book one final edit. 'The Davina Code' is due for release at the start of December. I have a printed copy on the counter in the kitchen, so I can proof read while I clean the oven. (I don't recommend this as a standard proofreading technique!) I have character notes stuck to the fridge beside shopping lists. And my lap top follows me from room to room, in case I can sneak in a minute to write.

I'm not brilliant at multi-tasking. Last night, when I was editing a chapter, I found a random list of things to pack for our trip in the middle of the story. This book could be surprising for readers on so many levels!

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