Monday, 5 November 2012

why do they call them smartphones...

...when owning one makes you feel like an idiot? 

Bought my first ever smartphone today. It was a painful experience. The sales girl swayed between bored and incredulous - depending on which questions I asked. She told me that to access Facebook, it would be better if I got an app from the app store. Am I the only person on the planet that thought the app store was a physical shop on the high street? When she stopped laughing she told me to  google it. That was helpful - and, I have to say, her answer for most things. Is there a manual for this phone? Google it. Will I be able to use it where I want to go? Google it. How do I put in more than one time zone… you get the drift. I know I was in the shop an unusually long time, but I had to wonder why they paid her to be there when all the information  I needed was on the internet?

I'd like to point out before I humiliate myself further, that I'm not a hundred years old - I have a three year old daughter. It just seems that I took my eyes off the world for a minute and when I looked again I was living somewhere I didn't recognise. A place where people get RSI in their thumbs and speak in a language called 'texting'. A place where my daughter can retrieve emails on my phone and I have trouble keeping the damn thing switched on!

I've never been one for mobile phones. I kept my old one in the kitchen drawer, which kind of made a mockery of the fact  we call them 'mobile'. People would text me and I'd get the message months later. It was actually quite nice - relaxing even. But now I have a smartphone. And I shall take it with me on my trip to Europe; so it will definitely be mobile. I just wonder if I will be any smarter for having it with me?

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