Thursday, 29 November 2012

woman vs machine...

My father in law has a GPS in his car. He loves his navigation system. Unfortunately, I'm not sure it loves him back. As far as I can see the sexy female voice is trying to kill him - and anyone who's in the car with him. It's obvious that the thing needs an update - at the very least it should have ALL the Dutch roads on it - but my father-in-law likes it the way it is.

We followed his GPS religiously to go to a tiny airport in the South of Holland. For a while it was hit and miss whether we would make it or not. At one point the thing told us to get on the off-ramp for the motorway. At last we saw the main entrance to the airport. It had two poles at either side of a wide road with a large metal banner joining them at the top. It said: short term parking here. There were arrows and everything. It couldn't have been clearer.

I said: There's the entrance.

Father-in-law said: I don't think so.

I said: There it is. Between the poles. The one with the arrows. Take that exit. That's it there. You need that one... there it goes. That was the one.

Father-in-law said: It can't be. It's not on my GPS!

All the while I was looking at the huge poles and massive banner - with arrows - he was looking at a 4 inch screen. A 4 inch screen that was telling us to go somewhere else entirely. Twenty minutes later, and three trips round the same round about, he did eventually look out the window and see the entrance. Unfortunately, he still insists there's nothing wrong with his GPS.

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