Thursday, 13 December 2012

ah, to be home...

We're back in New Zealand, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and all is well with the world. If you listen closely while you read this you can hear my sigh of contentment. Of course, returning home after a month away resulted in different behaviour for each family member. My kids ran around like mad, treated their toys like long lost treasure and demanded all the typical Kiwi food that they'd missed. And no, that doesn't mean McDonalds! Mainly it meant hokey-pokey ice cream. My husband, meanwhile, went into hyper drive. After a month spent chatting with relatives and watching TV, he couldn't wait to do something.

That 'something' became finishing his work on our pool. When we bought the place a few years ago, it came with a very old concrete pool. Pools are really common in New Zealand, but not ones like ours. Not everyone can boast that their pool has a tree growing in the middle of it. It's taken three years, much concrete, silicon filler and various electric tools (which I'm convinced were bought with the excuse of fixing the pool, but never actually touched the pool) - but we now we have a pool.

my daughter - braving the cold!
We all stood riveted to the spot as the water poured into it. The kids ran and put their swimwear on, only to discover that a pool doesn't fill in twenty minutes. Especially not with our water pressure. Two days and two grumpy, impatient kids later and the pool was full. We all looked at it as though it had fallen from the stars. Even the cats, the dog and my stupid sheep stared at the pool - all expecting something spectacular to happen. At last my husband bent over to run his hand through the water. 'Chilly', he said grinning, but his face told me it was more icy than chilly. We all peered in closer. Even the sheep.

And then the sheep got distracted by my husband's backside - in a flash she'd stuck her nose where it shouldn't have been. My husband yelped, tipped forward and fell into the freezing water head first. It was a perfect slow motion example of how not to dive. For a second we were too stunned to move, then the girls started laughing and I did what any supportive wife would do - ran for the camera.

The pool is now operational, although still very cold. The sheep is banned from the garden and letting us all know just how grumpy she is with that decision. And I promised not to put the pictures on Facebook - for a price. Let's just say I'll be enjoying many, many breakfasts in bed between now and the New Year. Looks like this year is going to end well after all.


  1. mmmm, those photos may provide a little light entertainment at one of our get-togethers!!

  2. photos? you mean the one with me and the chicken? I expected that on facebook before now! :)