Monday, 3 December 2012

it's a miracle we survived...

We're on our last day in Holland. After nearly a month of rain, fog and icy cold weather, we now have sun - typical. 

It's been a funny trip, stuffed with one mishap after another. I'm seriously beginning to wonder if the Dutch are trying to kill foreigners. Now that I think about it, it could be a personal thing - they may just be out to get my family!

Here's what I mean: 
  • Sub-zero conditions that no tourist was prepared for and led to much purchasing of scarves, hats and winter jumpers. 
  • Strange food that caused an emergency visit to the hospital, where I got to see the inside of an ambulance for the first time. 
  • Water everywhere, just waiting for someone to fall in it - which, of course, my seven year old did. Thankfully she is made of strong stuff and laughed the whole thing off.  
  • Steep narrow staircases that make you feel giddy when you use them. I still have the bruises from the time I bumped down one on my bum. 
  • Oh, and don't forget about the GPS loaded with random Dutch roads. 
  • Add to all of this the national Dutch sport of - "run over the tourist with your bike" and  it really is a miracle we're all still here! 

I'm joking, of course, because we also got to see family and friends, introduce the children to chocolate vla and practice our dodgy Dutch speaking on people far too polite to tell us to just shut up! 

Holland is a beautiful country, (When you can see it! Check for fog before you travel...) it's packed full of history, culture and wonderful food. Where else can you see Van Gogh's paintings, eat thick apple tart with rich dark coffee and watch cyclists try to find their bikes after they've left them at Utrecht station - this alone is an entertaining pass time!

my family, with oma, at the Utrecht bike stand, where people struggle to find their bikes!

But, I have to say, the most terrifying part of our visit to Holland was what we had to endure during long car journeys - and that, you just have to experience for yourself...


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