Saturday, 19 January 2013

life imitates art...

So, in The Davina Code, the hero gets his hands on a chainsaw for the first time and decides to take down a tree. Being a man, he feels that the information he needs to do this successfully has been coded into his DNA. Needless to say, he has no idea what he's doing and disaster ensues. Entertaining disaster, maybe even funny, but definitely disaster.

Well, this week my husband bought a new chainsaw. You see where this is going, right? There's an old willow tree behind our garage, it grew with two wide trunks forking up into the sky. A couple of months ago he asked a mate of his, who owns a bigger chainsaw, to come round and take down one of the trunks. The chainsaw was bigger and better all right. It took less than fifteen minutes for them to bring down the tree, knock out the bridge over the stream and destroy a great big chunk of fencing. You would think this was a lesson learned. Nope. Yesterday, my husband took his shiny new chainsaw and went to tackle the rest of the tree. You could practically hear him grunting like Tim-the-tool-man-Taylor from Home Improvement. Actually now that I think about it, he has a lot in common with that character...

But I digress. He tackled the tree with a grin on his face that slowly faded as he saw where it was heading as it fell. We lost yet another section of fence, a gate, part of a bridge and a large chunk of the neighbour's shed. At least the sheep are happy. Willow tree makes a tasty snack.

happy sheep and a trashed fence
So, apart from having that mess to clear up, it's still summer school holiday around here. Since we already spent five weeks visiting family during school term, I pretty much feel like I've done school holiday. It feels unnecessarily cruel to have to do another six weeks! Not that I don't love my kids, they're amazing. What I don't love is the fact the wake revved and ready to go at six in the morning, when my brain doesn't officially work before nine. I don't love that the first words to greet me at the crack of dawn aren't: "Good morning mum, we love you mum, go back to bed mum - we're okay." (okay, bit hopeful on that last one.) No, the first words I get are: "What are we going to do today? When will we do it? Now? Is it now yet?" - and so it goes on. They bounce. They chat. They run around leaving a trail of glitter and garbage wherever they go. They ask continual questions that don't make any sense to my poor old brain - "why are cornflakes?" ??!! It used to be that you could get one of their friends over so they would talk to each other and my ears would get a rest. Seriously, they hurt. But now the friend just talks to me too! What's with that? When did I become so interesting?

As you can probably tell, I'm tired and grumpy. It's been a heck of a week. From sleeping on the couch so my husband could nurse his teeny tiny man-cold, to dealing with the neighbours and their poor wee shed, to listening to the endless chatter of two bright little brains. I need a break. Actually, I need some sleep!

What about you, do you need a break from school holidays too? Does your life imitate art? Or am I the only grumpy one around here? :)


  1. just joking about the head in the oven thing, so nobody freak out! :)

  2. Feeling your pain, but thanks for the heads up- I solemnly swear I will never allow my husband to own and/or operate a chainsaw. And you should be careful what you write!!

    1. Yep you're right Bess, took that line out and chalked it up to being sleep deprived and in charge of a computer! thanks janet