Saturday, 11 May 2013

some thoughts on the randomly naked...

I just survived the school half term holiday. Two weeks with two kids to entertain. I know that isn't a lot by most people's standards, but my mind wasn't on the job. I wanted to write! Anyway, I decided that a diversion was needed to fill some time. I booked a night in a hotel in Wellington, along with a trip to the zoo. It was perfect kids entertainment - what could go wrong?

Wellington city, New Zealand

I just hadn't counted on how entertained they would be! The hotel was on Cuba street, which is the eating/social centre of Wellington. And across from the hotel was an apartment block. It was very close to us, close enough to watch TV with the inhabitants. In the evening, when we were relaxing in our hotel, it was suspiciously quiet. I wondered why the girls were playing behind the curtain all the time. Turns out they were watching the naked lady! Yep, a middle aged, and not so terribly fit woman, had decided to spend the evening naked in her apartment - without bothering to shut the curtains. She was naked while she cooked dinner. She was naked while she ate. She was naked watching TV... You get the drift. I had hoped Wellington would be a diversion for my girls, but this wasn't what I had in mind!

Cuba Street
It reminded me of a trip my husband and I went on to Flagstaff, Arizona many years ago. We stopped off there on the way to the Grand Canyon. We'd hoped to see one of nature's spectacular sights. And we saw more than that. We were walking past the police station, in the dark one evening, when we glanced through the vast and brightly lit windows. Inside, there was the man cleaning the offices. He was wearing a vacuum cleaner backpack - and nothing else! I'm not sure how that ended for the guy. Would it still be indecent exposure if he was in the police station at the time? Or maybe that was just a normal evening for Flagstaff?

Giraffe up a tree... :D

As for our trip to the zoo - where I was told by my three year old that the animals were naked too - I was enthralled by the giraffes. I mean who wouldn't be, right? My two girls is the answer. We ran around the zoo so that they could go to the zoo shop and buy animal toys. Honestly. They take after their father. Every time I drag him to an art gallery, or museum, he does exactly the same thing. See this is the difference between me and my family. While they were buying toy giraffes to take home, I was wondering what kind of planning permission would be needed to get a real giraffe in my backyard!

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