Thursday, 6 June 2013

I'm feeling all Scottish...

  • Invertary, in my book Lingerie Wars, is based on a small town in Scotland called Inverary. I kept the names quite similar because I love this town. It's one of my favourite places in the world! The town was founded in the 1700s and sports a small castle, a wonderful waterfront and rows of white washed houses. All surrounded by brooding Scottish hills. Click on the image to visit Inverary's website.
Inverary - gorgeous wee town!
  • In Lingerie Wars everyone seems to be wearing tartan! Tartan would be called plaid in America, but in Scotland it holds much more significance than just another fabric design. Today we associate different tartans with different clans. The material also holds a special place in Scottish history as it was banned 1746 in an attempt to impose control on Scotland's warring clans. Needless to say, we didn't take that well and the ban was lifted a few years later!
a new way to wear tartan...with horns...
  • Some of the words and phrases used in Lingerie Wars are baffling to the non-Scottish reader. My proofreader wrote a huge question mark over the word foutering in my draft - it means fidgeting - so I took it out and limited my Scottish words after that! You do get one of my favourite words in the book though - Numpty. Numpty is a good humoured and gentle way of saying someone is an idiot and they're amusing you. Go on - try it on someone, then smile knowingly!
word of the day??
  • I'm Scottish. You all know this. Now, that being said, when romance readers mention Scottish men in kilts they often think of this:
Wow, look at that castle...
or this:
traditionally, this isn't how you wear a kilt...
when the reality is closer to this:
this guy looks eerily similar to my very first boyfriend...
Scottish men are famous for their blue hued skin (from lack of sun and too much rain!), their ginger hair and their skinny legs... Good job we make up the heroes in the books... :) (Just joking boys!!!)
  • Fishing is a huge sport in Scotland - think of all those lovely lochs and rivers - and there is no better place on earth to salmon fish. When I was younger my friend, Scot, used to take me fishing. I would just watch him, his skill was intimidating and I didn't want to make a fool of myself trying to fish beside him!  Instead I spent my time lazing beside the loch and gazing at the beauty of the Scottish landscape. This is what I had in mind when I wrote the scenes where Alastair teaches Rainne to fish.
how gorgeous is that?!
  • Hogmanay in Scotland is a party to beat all parties. No one does New Year like the Scots! I remember streets with a party in every second house. People would just wander in an out of the parties - whether they knew the people or not! Today there are massive street events and fireworks, but I like the get together in Lingerie Wars where the whole town decked in tartan and tinsel ready to see in the new year.
Fireworks go off over Edinburgh Castle as part of the new year 2013 Edinburgh Hogmanay celebrations in Scotland
Edinburgh castle with fireworks at new year
  • I'm ashamed to admit this, but I hate bagpipe music. I know - I'm a pathetic excuse for a Scot... Needless to say, there will be no heroes who play the bagpipes in my Invertary books!
they look great, but all I hear is a mixture of tortured cat and whining child...
  • That's it for the moment! If there's anything you want to know about the Invertary books, drop me a message and I'll answer it. In the meantime, Lingerie Wars - Invertary Book One, is out June 14th. And Goody Two Shoes - Invertary Book Two, is out later this year. Now I need to go watch some Sean Connery movies and listen to Billy Connolly - I'm feeling all home sick... :)

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