Sunday, 31 August 2014

Why you should read romance novels...

If you aren't already addicted to reading romance, here are 5 reasons why you should be! :)
1. It's cheaper than divorce
Seriously. If your husband is driving you nuts and you want to trade up, then get a book boyfriend! Not only is it a holiday for your brain, but being in happy land with the perfect man for a couple of hours actually makes you less likely to kill your husband in his sleep! :) It's a scientific fact...honest...

A good romance novel will avert this kind of disaster... :)

2. You can't gain weight from it

Unless you stuff your face with chips while you're reading! As far as I can tell there are four things that lift a woman's mood like no other. Chocolate, wine, sex and romance novels. Now the first two lead to wider hips and choices you'd rather forget. The third is dependent on someone else's schedule - usually!  But a romance novel is always available, never increases your hip size and is rarely a choice you will regret!

yes, they look good - but think of your hips! :)

3. Romance novels don't cause nightmares

You are  always guaranteed a happy ending that will put you to sleep with a smile on your face. I used to read a LOT of crime novels and found I was sleeping less and waking up screaming more. Now I sleep more and don't want to wake up from the yummy dreams full of men with perfect abs!

okay, so you choose which image you'd rather have in your head at bed time!

I know which one I would choose!
 (p.s. this is also the reason I watch Arrow!)       

4. You get to be obsessed in a group.
There are more groups for readers of romance than any other genre. More conferences where you can get together and talk about book boyfriends and hot scenes, without people calling the local asylum to come pick you up. More romance authors are readily available to their fans than any other author group - we love to talk to our readers. So the upshot is, not only do you get a great read, you get a community along with it!
 An ebook reader will help hide all those "special" covers that publishers think we love... :)

5. The books are brilliant!

There are more romance writers on the New York Times best selling list than any other genre. Trust me people, these writers know how to write! The quality is high. The happy ending is guaranteed. The heroes are to die for. What else do you need? Get started reading romance today! :)

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