Wednesday, 10 September 2014

down memory lane..

Was trying to explain to my nine year old that when I was in primary school we didn't have computers. It was like trying to explain chaos theory to an ant! I don't often wander down memory lane, but thinking about what life was like for me at nine kept me entertained for quite some time. Here are some differences I found:

1. Mobile phone

If you wanted to talk to someone when you were out and about, this was your only option. Then you had to find one that worked and hope you had enough coins to last the conversation! If someone wanted to talk to YOU when you were out of the house - they waited until you got home! 

2. Computer games

You plugged this monster into your TV then killed the space ships, or made pacman eat everything in sight, or even more exciting - tennis! Oh, the hours I spent hitting a wee white line between two other wee white lines... Good times!

3. Listening to music

My first record was an Elvis Presley Christmas album. I scratched it within five minutes of trying to listen to it! My jungle book album was a favourite until my older sister stood on it and then it was goodbye king of the monkeys... Now we download music to our itty bitty MP3 players. Am I the only person on the planet who's freaked out that they can't SEE their music? I want to hold it, put it in a machine and play it. I miss LPs...

4. Watching TV

I remember fixing the reception on this by thumping it hard. Then there were the coat hanger aerial years...
All that effort to make sure we had access to all THREE channels! 

5. Black and white was cool

Champion the Wonder Horse! LOVED this show when I was a kid. Especially loved the theme song. This was back in the days when, even though we had colour TVs, we didn't mind watching black and white programmes. Now my kids think I'm nuts if I ask them to watch something that doesn't have colour. And if we go see a movie, they only want to come along if it's in 3D.

6. Hong Kong Phooey

Okay this is here for no reason other than I love Hong Kong Phooey. It was only on air for one season in the early 70s, but with repeats I think I watched it for about five years! After all, he is the number one super guy... :)

Right, that's it for my childhood walk down memory lane. It's time to get back to the present and my Invertary series. Goody Two Shoes should be on shelves - virtual and real - in about two weeks!!! (About time, I hear you cry!) :) And book three - Calamity Jean - is currently being written. Hopefully, now I'm well again, Calamity Jean shouldn't take too long to get to you.

Thanks again for all your patience! 

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