Friday, 5 September 2014

man vs magpie...

My husband's latest obsession is of the bird kind - at least he's moved on from cutting down trees. We couldn't afford to lose anymore buildings! Anyway, back to the bird. There's a magpie on our hill that keeps attacking Hubby. No matter what he does to deter it, the bird keeps coming back.

I don't get this. Almost every animal, and bug, in Australia can kill you, but they warn people about angry birds?!!
Where are the signs warning you about poisonous spiders that hide in your shoes???
(Sorry, I have PTSD from my last trip to Oz!)
I was going to post a movie of the ongoing fight between hubby and the magpie, but I can't get one without camera shake - I laugh so hard. It's pretty clear that the magpie is winning the war. Yesterday, the bird swooped my husband and flew away with his hat. The hat he'd painted with eyes to keep the bird away.

yes, there are eyes on the internet ready for you to print ...
Today, in an escalation, hubby borrowed an air rifle from the neighbour. He's spent the morning stalking the bushes taking pot shots at the bird. Our hill is very steep and pretty barren, my husband is easy to spot. I'm sure I heard the magpie laughing at him. With Hubby's army training it's just a matter of time before he loses the plot completely and I find him in camouflage gear with bits of bush stuck to him. It's definitely war. The entertainment value of that bird alone is priceless, so I'm rooting for the bird!

I've been looking up magpies on the internet - yes, I should be writing - and found that Australia has an epidemic of magpie attacks. Youtube is full of people filming themselves under attack. Big brave Aussies taking on the tiny wee birds. ;) You don't see them harassing the crocodiles like that... Anyway, here's one Aussie guy's solution:

I'm not showing this to my husband.
We have three cats. I can just imagine what Hubby would come up with using my cats and a roll of duct tape...

Okay, enough of this! I need to get back to work. Goody Two Shoes is days away from release. Thanks again to everyone who has been so patient with me while I've been ill this last year. It feels good to be writing again - even if it is about magpies! 


  1. Oh, Magpies! *shudder*

    I used to own a horse, and for a few weeks of the year, we were terrorised by nesting magpies. Horrible creatures! I remember wearing my helmet while I caught my horse and then sheltering under him while the blasted things dive-bombed me for daring to walk closer than fifty meters near its home. They still give me the creeps!

    I'm so excited to hear Goody Two Shoes is not far from release - yay!! And really happy to hear you're so much better. Great news all around, xx

    1. I didn't know magpies were such a problem over here, LaVerne. For me they're mainly entertainment! :) Sounds like your experience wasn't anywhere near as funny as my hubby's. Guess we need those beware of magpie signs after all! :)