Sunday, 1 February 2015

last week of the school summer holiday - a summary...

Two days until the new school year starts in New Zealand. After six weeks of hot weather and wall to wall kids, I'm more than ready for term to begin! Here are some events from the past week - just to explain why I'm desperate for school to start back:

My five year old got a hold of some facepaint and dyed her face green. So far I've tried soap, cleanser, eye makeup remover and washing liquid. Her face still has a green tint.

she won't let me take a photo of her, but this is pretty close!

My nine year old decided to make a spider's web out of duct tape in her bedroom doorway - to keep her sister out. Her hair got tangled in the tape and we had to cut her free.

again, not allowed to take photos of the damage

The cat brought in a new mouse every night - I think there may still be some hiding in the house. I spent hours trying to find them before giving up. If the mice want to be here that badly, then they can stay! Haven't told hubby though. He's still traumatised from the time the cat dumped a rat on him while he was sleeping. (Forgot to mention that the reason the cat was getting into the house with all the mice, when I'd locked him out - my nine year old felt sorry for him and unlocked his cat flap!)

One of the girl's friends left the gate open and the horses escaped. We spent an hour chasing them up and down our road.

A horse in Germany, doing some shopping.

I got distracted when taking about a million kids out for lunch and accidentally locked our sneaky pet chicken INSIDE the house while we were gone. I then spent the next day cleaning the carpet...

We're not are bad as this. Usually when a chicken is in my kitchen it's in a package!

My five year old keeps waking me up during the night to tell me that her stuffed toys are having a party. Apparently she can't sleep for the noise.

I wrote a whole chapter of my new book where I called the hero Lego...

My hero is a woman magnet just like this guy...

The kids were teaching the dog how to be a circus performer. I had to rescue her from the "trapeze" she was tied to. They were hoping she'd swing from tree to tree.

I'm NOT showing this to the kids!

I invited the girl's friends around to keep them occupied. One of the friends spent the day following me around talking to me instead of to my daughter. I now know more than I need to know about things you can do with Barbie's hair.
So tempting to shave all the Barbies...

My children wrote lovely little messages all over the white boards I use to plan my novels...

I love my kids. They're funny, entertaining and smart - amongst other things. But they need to go back to school!!! :D ;)

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