Thursday, 9 April 2015

a rambling post about nothing in particular...

Its Easter school holiday here in New Zealand, which means lots of rain, kids who are hyper on too much chocolate and no time to think. If you're reading this for a how-to on school holiday survival, then you've come to the wrong place. Basically I scramble through on ignorance, caffeine and noise cancelling headphones. 

I haven't done this...yet...

After months of sun, sun, sun (I'm NOT complaining, it was a great summer!) we're suddenly in a deluge. Great for the land, not so great for the kids. We're currently housebound which means MANY discussions about Lego and Barbies. If you're wondering, I have no opinion on what clothes Barbie looks good in, but I do think that the Star Wars Lego is the best.

Found this on the internet. I'd say this is a prime example of someone with time on their hands...

When I'm not entertaining kids, cleaning up after kids and feeding kids, I'm working on my latest book or reading. Right now I'm on a paranormal romance kick. I've worked my way through all of Kresley Cole's Immortal's After Dark series, Gena Showalter's Lords of the Underworld, Nalini Singh's Psy/Changeling books and Lora Leigh's Breed books--amongst others. I love a hero with attitude and muscle. I also love a well written plot that's full of fantastical elements that pull me out of a life of Barbie discussions and cleaning sticky handprints!

click to go to a list of paranormal books on Heroes and Heartbreakers blog

Apart from reading obsessively, trying to write in a house overflowing with distraction and all the usual chores that come with being a mother of two small kids, I'm also on goat watch. 

I love my goat!

Our new goat is lovely. Soft, friendly, cuddly. She's also a worse escape artist than the chicken. We've been building fences as fast as we can to keep her in. When she's not heading to the neighbour's prize winning garden to eat her way through the flowerbeds, she's sneaking into the house. I've found myself saying things like: why is there a goat on the dining table? Will you stop letting the goat in the house? A goat is NOT a cuddly toy. Get the goat off my bed! 
These aren't my chickens, but I've just discovered that you can dye Silkie chickens!
You never know what might happen if I get really bored...Chickens beware!

The goat is more trouble than our pet sheep--who thinks kicking the back door and baaing through the cat flap will get her a slice of bread. At least the sheep hasn't jumped in the pool. So far this year I've had to fish a chicken and a goat out of the pool. I would like to point out that the pool is well fenced. We just have crazy, but enterprising, animals.

If I'm going to dye the chickens I may as well carry on and dye the sheep...

In the meantime, when I get time to write--which is usually between the hours of 9pm and midnight--I'm working on Calamity Jena. Right now it's looking good for a June release date. I'm also working on a paranormal series, just for fun. I'm not sure I'd have the courage to put it out there. My plots are whacky enough as it is without factoring in people with superpowers. I usually spend my time reining in my plots, toning them down and trying to make them more believable. 

Okay, enough rambling for now. The goat is making a racket. The kids have been watching TV for far too long and I just got a call from my teenage babysitter to say she's too sick to help out today. It's all good. There's still chocolate left and we haven't tried playing Barbie and Star Wars Lego at the same time yet!

I've found that looking at men in kilts works nearly as well as chocolate for stress relief...

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