Sunday, 19 April 2015

a rant about my obsessive husband...

My husband is driving me nuts. Seriously. I'm losing my mind here. When we bought this property six years ago, you could walk out the back door, through one gate and up onto the hill behind our house. Now to get to the hill I have to go through four gates! All of them tied, or locked, in some weird intricate way.

The most recent gate, right outside my back door.

If I want to get to the vegetable patch he made - halfway up the freaking hill, because that's really convenient - then I need to go through seven gates!!! Seven.

This is a rotten picture but there are actually 4 gates in it, with two more just out of frame.
And that's our hill behind the fencing obstacle course.

The neighbours think it's hysterical. Every time hubby's bored he builds a fence and installs a gate. Our land looks like a patchwork quilt of random paddocks. To top it off, he changes his mind day to day on where our pets will go. I never know for sure where I'll find our tiny horses, or my pet sheep. The dog keeps getting trapped in the paddock maze then barks until someone goes out and opens all the damn gates to let her back to the house. That's lots of fun when it's raining and the hill is one large mudslide.

Two more gates.

His latest obsession is electric fencing. He's very excited to have a mobile fence. He installed it with a long cable running from the garage. The yellow cable stretches up our hill, over fences, along hedges and across gates. So even if you do manage to open one of the many, many gates, with their complicated fastening systems, or get past the wood propped against them to stop the horses opening them, you still have to duck under a cable to carry on.

Another bad pic, but there are 4 gates in this one.

I've worked out that in the past six years, Hubby has installed 19 gates in our 7 acre property. And that figure might be too low. I can't be bothered working my way through the gates to get on the hill to count how many are actually there!!

And three more.

As I write this, he's out on the hill, chasing sheep into yet another paddock. Only he really knows why. The rest of us can only guess!

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