Friday, 10 April 2015

some of my favourite places

School holiday, lots of rain, kids going stir crazy and animals protesting that they aren't allowed in the house. Is it any wonder I'm dreaming of places I've visited??? I'd quite like to be transported to one of my favourite places right now instead of listening to two tiny girls fight about Barbies...again... :-)


I love everything about Peru and have some wonderful memories of the time I spent there. I worked with a charity in the shanty towns of Lima and met some amazing people. Plus I got to tour around the country. Would go back there to live in a heartbeat.

Nasca lines, the biggest drawings in the world covering the desert. Amazing.

Cuzco, a golden dream city


Machu Picchu

Bolivian Rainforest

I spent some time teaching clay work to kids in the Amazon outside of Trinidad. It was an amazing experience. Still remember the giant sized ants and the ghecko that liked to sleep with me! Not to mention digging up clay from the banks of the river. Good times.

I remember these dug out canoes well...


It had been my dream to visit Nepal for years. I saw a slide show when I was fifteen from a couple who visited our church. The colours of the country blew me away. Years later I got to visit and it was just as good as I imagined. You don't get colours like that anywhere else. It was an artist's dream.

these monkeys were a pest!

On the 25th of April, Nepal was rocked by a huge earthquake. As I update this, over 6,000 people are dead, thousands more still missing and countless injured. Durbar square (the image directly above this) now looks like this:

If you are able to donate anything to help this devastated country out, then I hope you'll consider doing so. This page in The Guardian gives a lot of agencies who need the support. Here's hoping Nepal recovers from this without any more loss of life. And here's praying that the people still alive will get the help they need - and get it quickly.

Washington DC

I'm an art gallery and museum nut. And Washington is full of them! I love the National Gallery, the Hirshhorn sculpture garden and the National Museum of Women in the Arts. I've been lucky enough to vist a few times and wouldn't turn down the offer to go again.

air and space museum

national gallery

sculpture park

Betty McCloud from Invertary would love this place!
She already thinks she's training to be the next James Bond...

The Trossachs

Deep blue lochs, rolling hills that are emerald green or covered in purple heather, tiny towns with crooked houses and winding roads that leave your heart in your mouth. There's no where on earth like the west of Scotland. It's beautiful and atmospheric. It's home to my heart.

Inverary, the town I based Invertary on - hence the VERY similar names!
Love this town.

Inverary castle. They shot an episode of Downton Abbey here.


From the bright white buildings, to the rolling sand dunes and sharp desert peaks, Oman is enchanting. The people are kind and welcoming, the culture is enthralling and the camels are hilarious.

Jordan's Petra

Vast cathederals carved into cliff faces, houses hewn out of stone. The colours of the desert gleaming in reds and oranges. And Indiana Jones was here!

Quebec City

Charming, magical and full of wonderful food. If I'm ever lucky enough to go again, I want it to be at Christmas time. I want to see the frozen waterfall and streets covered in snow. I bet it's like something out of Dickens then!

Next time I want to stay in this hotel!

Kenya's Wildlife

Spending the night in a tent surounded by African wildlife isn't something I'll ever forget. Neither is being chased by baboons, watching a herd of elephants meander along and catching sight of a group of giraffes all with their heads in the trees. From lakes full of pink flamingoes to coming face to face with a lion, Kenya is an amazing place to be.

Brighton Beach

When we lived in the south of England I spent countless hours sitting on the steps at Brighton beach, staring out at the sea and reading my favourite books. When I'm feeling stressed it's where I want to be--pity it's on the other side of the world now! The best part about Brighton beach was that instead of sand there were pebbles. I could hang out all day without getting sand in all the wrong places!

This brings back memories! 

the old pier burned down years ago and now looks like an odd sculpture


Mainly for the Gaudi architecture and the food! Would love to live in a Gaudi house. Is there any bulding more beautiful? It would be like living in a work of art...sigh...

Want to live here soooo badly!!!!

Okay, that's it for now otherwise this post will never end!! There are so many places I left out. Expect more in the future. :D

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