Saturday, 2 May 2015

I live in an accidental petting zoo

This post could also be titled - "Janet Elizabeth Henderson, the world's biggest soft touch."
It's mother's day in New Zealand tomorrow and my family got me three alpaca. Yep, you read that right! Here they are:

Like all of our animals, they were unwanted by their previous owners.
We never set out to own so many pets. It just kind of happened. Word spread - the Henderson family will take anything with a cute face and a cuddly coat!

Our two miniature horses were rescued from a woman who was abusing them, working them far too hard with very little food. Now they roam our hill, hang out in the garden and live off carrots and cuddles.

My pet sheep was a rescue at birth - her muma sheep didn't want her. I kept her in my living room to make it easier to feed her during the night and dressed her in a little pink jumper.

The goat somehow came home with my husband when he went to buy chickens. Still not sure what happened there.

The chickens are a mixture of birds we actually, willingly bought, supplemented by those we rescued when they were unwanted.They now all live together in the lap of luxury at our place. 

The cats are a combination of strays who just moved in with us, and ones people left with us 'for a short while' (three years and counting!)

The dog we picked up at the pound. We foolishly took the one they didn't think they could house because she was hyperactive and great at escaping. Then we spent the first two years we had her chasing her all over the neighbourhood.

We were conned into taking the ducks by a deceptively innocent looking old woman.

And the cow used to belong to the neighbour, but decided it liked us better.

I even tried to talk my husband into getting an elephant at one point. There was a story about one in the local paper. It was ex-circus and looking for a new home for its retirement. Fortunately, someone with a lot more sense stepped in and took her on. Pity though, I would have enjoyed cuddling an elephant...

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