Saturday, 16 May 2015

what were they thinking?

In Calamity Jena, the heroine takes on a massive DIY project, having never done DIY before, and surprisingly does pretty well! While I was researching this book, I found that DIY disaster falls into two main categories - bathrooms and blokes. So here, for your viewing pleasure, are both! :D


Have a really small bathroom? No worries. Save space by putting the toilet IN the shower!
Seriously? What could I say?
I don't even know how they managed this one.
So near...
so far...
for a cosy visit to the toilet
still trying to work out the logistics of this one.
And it leaves a convenient hole in the door once its shut for you through???


(or as I like to call it - why women live longer than men...)

"Think of the money I saved on scaffolding..." Yep, he can use it all on his hospital bill!

and they say two minds are better than one!

at least it shows determination!

my husband has done this - twice!

Enjoying their last moments on earth!

And then there are is the random evidence that bad DIY decisions can happen anytime, anywhere...

Big Brother is watching who?

Wondering at what point in the building process they realised there was a problem.
When the ironwork went up? When the glazier arrived? The painter, perhaps???

This bank is a tease. "We have your money. We dare you to get it!"

So when you want full beam do you get out the car and switch on each flashlight?
Lastly, when all else fails - use duct tape!

"no one will ever notice..."

For someone who's reversed into her mailbox five times, this tip comes in handy.
I'm sure my husband won't spot the difference!

Safe as houses

Fly MacGyver air

No one will EVER be able to break into this cash machine

That's it for the random and stupid for now!

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