Wednesday, 8 July 2015

mud, mud everywhere!

Our home town was hit by the worst flooding in memory this past month. People were evacuated, houses were ruined, roads were blocked by landslides. It's absolutely heartbreaking to drive through the worst hit areas and see the piles of belongings sitting on lawns waiting to be taken away in the trash. 

We were fortunate. Our house was undamaged, the animals were fine and the kids got a day off school when it closed! The hill behind our house fell down. The slip wiped out most of hubby's many, many, fences and swept away the path and steps he's dug out of the hill so the girls could walk to school. We lost our little bridge and half the culvert is gone. But the thing that's getting to me the most is the mud!

There is mud everywhere! You can't go out your door but your covered in it. The local kid's park is under at least two feet of the stuff. Most of town is mud streaked from cars and people trailing it wherever they go. And our hill??! Our hill is one large mudslide. Here's the before and after.

All the fences and gates have gone. And you know how much my hubby loves to build fences!

Needless to say the kid's love it. So far they've lost two pairs of leggings, a pair of shoes and gumboots to the mud... 

Kept the leggings this time, but lost more shoes. I'm shaking my head as I write this.
Every time I take my eyes off them they're in the mud!!!

That dot near the middle of this mud pool is my five year old.

And all my husband's many, many fences have been swallowed by a slip. Which means more fence building in his future - and you know how I feel about that! At least it will stop him from hanging around my office door asking when the book will be finished. 

Guess everything has an upside. :D

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