Wednesday, 30 September 2015

I'm coming out of the closet...

...about my taste in music! 

According to pretty much everyone I know, I have terrible taste in music. Last week someone asked me what I listen to while I write. Apparently this is the in-thing right now, having a playlist for your characters or books. I fluffed an answer, something I thought might be current enough that it wouldn't get me booed out of the cool author playground. Then I realized, I'm not cool enough to be in that playground in the first place! I should hold my head high. I should own my own damn taste in music - hence this coming out! :) 

So what do I listen to that is so embarrassing? Well, according to a survey I did on Facebook the other day, while I was *ahem* researching, I have the musical taste of a 96 year old! (It was one of those surveys where they guess your age based on what you read/listen to/eat - you get the idea. And for the record, I have the reading habits of a 20 year old, so I guess it evens out!) 

So here it is: I am currently listening to Julie London's greatest hits, a Doris Day compilation album and Dusty Springfield, when the mood strikes.

Yes. I am really this sad.

I'm not even one of those retro music buffs who extols the virtues of Dinah Washington or Ella Fitzgerald. I'm not that cool. There aren't many hip blog posts about Bing Crosbie, yet I could probably name everything he ever sang! (I've just realised my use of "cool" and "hip", might have given away my taste in music anyway...I suddenly have the urge to google whether young people these days still use those words... The survey was right - I am 96!)

As an aside here,  Calamity Jane is still one of my all time favorite movies and I don't care who knows!

Okay, moving on...

Sometimes, just to prove I live in this century I listen to Adele, or that one song by Hozier. But to be honest I only noticed the Hozier song because it came with this video.

A while ago I started listening to U2's Joshua Tree Album. My sister said: "Congratulations. You've discovered the 80s." Up until then, ABBA was probably the most current music I'd noticed. And yes, I did just put ABBA and U2 in the same paragraph. 

So that's it. My big confession for this week. I am a closet easy listener. There. I've said it. There's no taking it back now... I am officially out of the closet.

p.s. while I'm in confessing mode. I also love Michael Buble. And yes. I am a middle aged housewife... (hangs head in shame...) ;)


  1. There is no shame in music taste!!! I'm 28 years old, and I usually listen 70 and 80s music.
    My husband has a heavy rock band, so he is always pissed at my music selection ;)

    1. I'm sending your comment on to my sister, Little Miss Sunshine, she says I "definitely" have something to be ashamed of! :D My husband says he's glad my taste in men is better than my taste in music. Men!