Monday, 22 February 2016

Inspiration for Invertary

I know there are writers who make photo/story boards for each of their books. Some even go a bit mad with it - this is one of Jennifer Crusie's book collages. See what I mean? :)

Yeah, I'm never going to do that! But sometimes I come across photos that inspire my Scottish Highland series, Invertary, and I thought I'd post some of them here. So here goes, in random order...

Lake is blonde and this guy isn't. Imagine him with lighter hair running up Invertary high street
straight from strutting his stuff, in his underpants, on the catwalk... :)
One pair of Jena's many stripper shoes
Jena's work shoes... :)
Imagine her without the hat and gloves and you have Caroline.
Katy the menace
Both men are inspiration of one of my fave characters - Grunt
So is this guy!
Invertary, based on Inverary - one of my favourite Scottish towns.
I kept the name really similar because I love Inverary so much!
Inverary pub
Invertary high street
Invertary high street
Inspiration for Kirsty's bridesmaids, although I changed the tartan to the Campbell tartan below
because Kirsty is a Campbell and purple goes great with red hair!
see what I mean!
Rainne's hair in Lingerie Wars
Alastair - imagine him with a fishing pole... :)
Kirsty's wedding dress
Flynn Boyle from Bad Boy
How I imagined Flynn looked when he'd cleaned up for his interview.
Abby and Katy!
The house after Flynn moves in...
The women of Knit or Die!
One of their projects... :)
Inspiration for Matt from Calamity Jena
Inspiration for Jena
Inspiration for Megan - the less sane one of the twins!
What the twins did to the sheep.
inspiration for Magenta
The cake Matt and Jena would have had if they'd had a normal wedding.
Inspiration for Matt in Lingerie Wars
The twins
Caroline's castle - only hers is slightly smaller.
The shoes Caroline wore to her wedding.
Caroline's wedding dress.
Inspiration for Matt's parents in Calamity Jena.
Inspiration for Kirsty's wedding - although it all went horribly wrong... :)
Inside Dougal's pub/hotel, The Scottie Dog.
Inside Dougal's pub/hotel.
The kind of thing Betty wears.
Inspiration for Betty's dress for Kirsty's wedding!

Okay, that's it. So what do you think? Do you have something better in mind when you read the books? Feel free to send me any pics you think match up with the books and I'll add them. Or post them on my facebook page.  I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

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