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Throwback Thursday: seven things I never imagined saying...

Hi there! I wrote this post a couple of years ago and it still makes me laugh.
Ah, the memories... enjoy!
Yesterday, I was in the middle of telling my nine year old to get down from the top of the hedge and bring the dog with her, when I thought - this is one of those things I never imagined having to say. Which in turn reminded me of all the other sentences I never imagined saying over the years. Which led to this list! Seven things I never imagined saying:

1.  "What do you mean we crashed into an elephant? Said right after the driver of my motorized rickshaw rear-ended an elephant on the motorway outside of Delhi. My driver then ranted for half an hour about how stupid it was for elephants to be on the highway without lights!

2. "I don't need to be strip searched, the only weapons I have are the spears." This was followed closely by the line: "What the heck kind of weapon do you think I'm hiding up there?!"  I was deemed a high-jack risk on a South Ame…

my writing process

Some of you have been asking me how I write. Do I plot all my books out on sticky notes and spreadsheets? Do I sit down with a pencil and paper and hope for the best? I wish there was a simple answer to these questions. Basically, every book I write is different. Generally, I start with an idea that pops into my head. With Lingerie Wars, it was "wouldn't it be really funny if a macho military guy inherited a lingerie shop and had to make it work?" From there, I sat down with a spreadsheet and planned the scenes I wanted to include - then I pretty much wrote something else entirely! That's when I realized that I'm a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants type writer (or a pantser, if you want the industry lingo ;))

I realized quite early on in my writing that the reason plotting and planning didn't work for me, was because my characters took over and did what suited them. Some writers can plot a book and then develop characters that fit their story. I can't. My chara…

What makes a true hero - Callum McKay from Rage

Rage, Benson's Boys book 3, is due for early release on the 29th of September and it's all about one of the four partners of Benson Security, Callum McKay. Callum was a hard character for me to write and doing his story justice was tough. I had many sleepless nights worrying about this man! As most of you know, Callum was an elite SAS soldier and he was injured in Afghanistan when an IED blew off both his legs. Since then, he's been trying to pretend that he's exactly the same person he was before the blast. He doesn't like people to know he has prosthetic legs and he would never admit to needing help in any situation. 
That all changed when he was with his team in Peru (Relentless, Benson's Boys Book 2). While his team were under fire, Callum lost one of his prosthetics and the other was damaged. He had to spend the rest of the mission in a wheelchair. Although that didn't slow him down in any way, it did change how he saw himself and how he felt his team …