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Reader Question: Can you give us any hints about future Benson's Boys books?

Right, Amanda, you asked for it! I just hope the answer makes some sense. :) 

Next up in the Benson Security world is Elle and David. For those who don't know, Elle first met David in book two of the series, when he turned up in Peru to help them out of a sticky situation. As soon as the two of them met, sparks flew and I knew I had to get them both together for longer than a scene of two. In Relentless (book 2), David challenges Elle to find out his real identity, and who he works for, and she's been searching databases with his DNA sample ever since. But she's still no closer to an answer. Now, if you've read Rage, you'll have noticed that not only are things heating up between Elle and the mysterious David, but our Elle has a secret. Something in her past she wants to remain hidden. So, in Elle and David's book, we find out what's in Elle's past and also, we find out who David is and who he’s working for. It should be an explosive read!

 After Elle, I plan to write Rachel's story. Now, for the eagle eyed among you, you might remember a scene back in book 1, Reckless, where the women told off the guys for not having a clue what it was like to be female and vulnerable. During that telling off, Rachel said: “You’ve never been out for an evening and taken a drink someone has tampered with and then lived with the gap in your memory and the possibilities of what might have happened during it.”  Well, in her book the events in that gap in Rachel's memory come back to haunt her. It’s a situation that will melt our ice queen and crack her control. I can’t tell you yet who she’s going to be paired with, I need to work some things out first. But you can bet it’s someone strong enough to deal with the woman! 

On top of that, we have a couple of new team members showing up in the next book. As you know, Benson Security has been recruiting for quite some time, in order to keep up with the demand for their services. One of these new team members is Violet Lee, a Scottish woman of Chinese parentage, who was kicked out of the police force for being too aggressive. In fact, in Glasgow where she worked, rumor was that if someone died suddenly and suspiciously during an investigation, they were said to have died Violently-Lee. I already love Violet. She's just over five foot tall, has a chip on her shoulder bigger than she is and can take a man twice her size to the floor without breaking a sweat. What’s not to love?

I haven't figured out Ryan's book yet as I'm still waiting for him to mature, or for a situation to arise that makes him mature. And for those of you who were wondering, Jack Sinclair, Isobel's son from Rage, definitely follows in his new step-father Callum's footsteps – his future holds a career in the army and a job with Benson Security.

I hope this gives you an idea of what's coming with Benson's Boys. Let me know if you have a specific question about a character or plot and I'll do my best to answer it. In the meantime, happy reading! 


  1. Can't wait for Elle and David's story. Do you have a timeline for when the other books will come out?

    1. Hello! I wish I did, but right now, I don't. Also, things have changed book wise, I was writing Elle and David's book when I realized I needed to write someone else's book first for theirs to make sense - so that's what I've done. This is a writer's mind, you start to write something and then other characters shout louder and you have to switch to writing their story instead so that you won't go insane! I hope that makes sense! I'll post details about releases on my facebook page and in my newsletter as soon as I have them - which should be in a week or two. Thanks for reading my books!! :)


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